I am writing this letter in reference of Carol Pompe of CP Bookkeeping. Though many vendors ask me to make this reference on their behalf, I only recommend vendors whom I feel are highly motivated and well-suited for the specific service they provide. Carol Pompe is one of those vendors and committed to her dedication to the upmost quality of bookkeeping.

As Chief Financial Officer of Pacific Electric Solar in Ventura, CA and a business owner of many years, I have had the opportunity to work with many vendors who have substantial knowledge of their specific service. During my time I have noticed that only a few outstanding vendors offer a unique perspective and really embrace the work and time they put into their service. Carol Pompe’s analytical skills and ability to grasp new ideas are far above those of past bookkeepers. Despite numerous other responsibilities she has worked diligently to maintain the accuracy of my books.

I have been especially impressed with Mrs. Pompe’s ability to deal with complex or abstract matters as they related to my specific business. I am sure that she would be a valuable asset to any organization in which there was a need for attention to detail and organization.

It is my opinion that Carol Pompe is an excellent bookkeeper. She is fiercely intelligent and very diligent, two things that I know are required for success in bookkeeping. Furthermore Carol enjoys the trust and respect of her clients, and is the kind of person you would choose to consult as a bookkeeper.

James Davison