Monthly Bookkeeping – Not only am I genuinely interested in your business’s success, I am committed to providing you with a broad variety of business bookkeeping services at a very affordable price. If you have a priority, it becomes my priority. I will quickly supply the answers you need to run your business profitably. As your Profit and Growth Expert I can fulfill virtually all of your needs. And if I can’t fulfill a specific service you require, I will connect you with professionals who can.

Benefits of Professional Bookkeeping:

Save Time and Money: You’re in business because you’re good at what you do. And often, an owner’s expertise is not bookkeeping. Time spent managing your business’s finances is time that could be better spent building your business. I will customize your accounting system to meet the needs of your business. You can do it, I can do it, or we can do it together. By streamlining these functions, we will free up your valuable time.

Gain Access to Profit-Building Information: As a professional, reputable bookkeeper, I have the expertise to make your business more profitable. I can analyze financial data in order to assist you in making profitable decisions for your business. One important tool that I make available to my clients is an Annual Business Assessment. This assessment can be used as a tool for looking ahead, developing benchmark goals, and for ideas in helping to reach those goals.

QuickBooks Support – If used properly, QuickBooks is a great tool for businesses to manage income and expenses. It can give the business owner detailed reports that will help him/her make timely and profitable business decisions. But if not used properly, QuickBooks can become a chore; something the business owner feels he/she must do but would rather be doing anything else.

As your QuickBooks Specialist, I will…

  1. Review your QuickBooks set up
  2. Train you and your staff on how to use QuickBooks
  3. Provide ongoing QuickBooks support

CP Bookkeeping will make a donation either to Main Street Moves or to FoodSHARE of Ventura County for every new client (payroll, bookkeeping, or both). Please call at (805) 647-0604 or complete the Contact Us form on my website to schedule an appointment.